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Skyfashion ver. 1.5 – Updated: 18.10.2012 - Important Note (1.2)
  • DanielDaniel August 2012
    Posts: 92

    Version 1.5 - Updated: 18.10.2012

    • fixed Related works box problem
    • fixed font color of Latest works
    • added multiportfolio feature

    Version 1.4 – Updated: 24.09.2012

    • Fixed:
      • password protected pages
      • video size
      • Safari thumbs problem
      • responsive look at iPhone
      • no footer problem
      • 9 photo limit problem

    • Added:
      • Pinterest icon
      • custom font added
      • added add shortcode button

    • Flickpress deleted

    Version 1.3 – Updated: 30.08.2012

    • Added: Responsive menu

    Version 1.2 – Updated: 16.08.2012

    • Fixed slider fade effect problem
    • Deleted TimTumb script
      Important Note! After update the theme, you must update the pictures in the portfolio
    • Fixed static portfolio sorting

    Version 1.1 – Updated: 07.08.2012

    • Fixed date box on post details page
    • Fixed styling li elements
    • Fixed background image problem

    Shortcodes List

    [blockquote align="left"] Text [/blockquote]
    [blockquote align="center"] Text [/blockquote]
    [blockquote align="right"] Text [/blockquote]

    [hightlighting text_color="text" hightlighting_color="text"] text [/hightlighting]

    [image align="left" img="http://www.imageurl.com/image.jpg" url="http://www.siteurl.com" alt="Title" border="on" /]
    [image align="right" img="http://www.imageurl.com/image.jpg" url="http://www.siteurl.com" alt="Title" border="on" /]

    [pr_big_boxes bt_color="#fff"] [big_box_1 price="Price" per="MONTH" title="Title" item1="Item1" item2="Item2" item3="Item3" item4="Item4" bt_url="Button url"] [/big_box_1] [big_box_2 price="Price" per="MONTH" title="Title2" item1="Item1" item2="Item2" item3="Item3" item4="Item4" bt_url="Button URL"] [/big_box_2] [big_box_3 price="Price" per="MONTH" title="Title 3" item1="Item1" item2="Item2" item3="Item3" item4="Item4" bt_url="Button URL"] [/big_box_3] [/pr_big_boxes]

    [tabs] [tab title="Tab1"] Text [/tab] [tab title="Tab2"] Text [/tab] [/tabs]

    [button text_color="Text Color" background_color="Bg Color" url="URL"] Label [/button]

    [accordion] [acc title="Accordion1"] Text [/acc] [acc title="Accordion2"] Text [/acc] [/accordion]

    [left50] Text [/left50] [right50] Text [/right50] [clear]
    [left33] Text [/left33] [center33] Text [/center33] [right33] Text [/right33] [clear]
    [left25] Text [/left25] [center25] Text [/center25] [center25] Text [/center25] [right25] Text [/right25] [clear]
    [left20] Text [/left20] [center20] Text [/center20] [center20] Text [/center20] [center20] Text [/center20] [right20] Text [/right20] [clear]
    [left65] Text [/left65] [right25] Text [/right25] [clear]
    [right65] Text [/right65] [left25] Text [/left25] [clear]

    [video type="youtube" src="MovieID" height="335" width="595" autoplay="off" /]
    [video type="vimeo" src="MovieID" height="335" width="595" autoplay="off" /]
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    Lead Graphic Designer
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