We will not respond to questions from 22.12.2016 till 02.01.2017

Full story:
We feel that we must take some time off, to restore our selfs, so what better time then end of year:-)
So cause of that we are taking break from support forum and answering comments on ThemeForest, as also answering private e-mails.

Break will start on 22th December 2016 and end at 2nd January 2017.
So please ask your questions till that time, and if you are here during break, then we are sorry but we are not here:-) and we wish you great holidays!

We will answer all questions from that period after we get back.

Sincerely Apollo13 Team
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Skyfashion ver. 1.5 – Updated: 18.10.2012 - Important Note (1.2)

edited January 2013 in Skyfashion Theme Posts: 166

Version 1.5 - Updated: 18.10.2012

  • fixed Related works box problem

  • fixed font color of Latest works

  • added multiportfolio feature

Version 1.4 – Updated: 24.09.2012

  • Fixed:

    • password protected pages

    • video size

    • Safari thumbs problem

    • responsive look at iPhone

    • no footer problem

    • 9 photo limit problem

  • Added:

    • Pinterest icon

    • custom font added

    • added add shortcode button

  • Flickpress deleted

Version 1.3 – Updated: 30.08.2012

  • Added: Responsive menu

Version 1.2 – Updated: 16.08.2012

  • Fixed slider fade effect problem

  • Deleted TimTumb script
    Important Note! After update the theme, you must update the pictures in the portfolio

  • Fixed static portfolio sorting

Version 1.1 – Updated: 07.08.2012

  • Fixed date box on post details page

  • Fixed styling li elements

  • Fixed background image problem

Shortcodes List

[blockquote align="left"] Text [/blockquote]
[blockquote align="center"] Text [/blockquote]
[blockquote align="right"] Text [/blockquote]

[hightlighting text_color="text" hightlighting_color="text"] text [/hightlighting]

[image align="left" img="" url="" alt="Title" border="on" /]
[image align="right" img="" url="" alt="Title" border="on" /]

[pr_big_boxes bt_color="#fff"] [big_box_1 price="Price" per="MONTH" title="Title" item1="Item1" item2="Item2" item3="Item3" item4="Item4" bt_url="Button url"] [/big_box_1] [big_box_2 price="Price" per="MONTH" title="Title2" item1="Item1" item2="Item2" item3="Item3" item4="Item4" bt_url="Button URL"] [/big_box_2] [big_box_3 price="Price" per="MONTH" title="Title 3" item1="Item1" item2="Item2" item3="Item3" item4="Item4" bt_url="Button URL"] [/big_box_3] [/pr_big_boxes]

[tabs] [tab title="Tab1"] Text [/tab] [tab title="Tab2"] Text [/tab] [/tabs]

[button text_color="Text Color" background_color="Bg Color" url="URL"] Label [/button]

[accordion] [acc title="Accordion1"] Text [/acc] [acc title="Accordion2"] Text [/acc] [/accordion]

[left50] Text [/left50] [right50] Text [/right50] [clear]
[left33] Text [/left33] [center33] Text [/center33] [right33] Text [/right33] [clear]
[left25] Text [/left25] [center25] Text [/center25] [center25] Text [/center25] [right25] Text [/right25] [clear]
[left20] Text [/left20] [center20] Text [/center20] [center20] Text [/center20] [center20] Text [/center20] [right20] Text [/right20] [clear]
[left65] Text [/left65] [right25] Text [/right25] [clear]
[right65] Text [/right65] [left25] Text [/left25] [clear]

[video type="youtube" src="MovieID" height="335" width="595" autoplay="off" /]
[video type="vimeo" src="MovieID" height="335" width="595" autoplay="off" /]
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