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Could not add any pictures to my site

edited March 2014 in Hypershot Posts: 65

I could not add any pictures to my existing album or new album.

Nothing has changed on the server side, also enough space on the server and no update has been done on wordpress side neither.

When I add pictures, everything looks to work as the files are said to being uploaded. Once finished no error message, new items are created but no image is linked to it.

Please find enclosed a screenshot of the problem.

Thanks in advance for your support,


1024 x 600 - 28K


  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,814

    Have you update theme to newest version?

    With regards.
  • Hi,

    It is still the version 1 but gonna update to 1.6.

    Anyway the problem doesn't come from hypershot but from my webhosting provider that put a file number quota of 1500 to my account instead of 15000. I check with them...

    Thanks for your support

  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,814
    Wow, long time you have first version of theme:-)
    Thanks for info about issue.

    With regards.
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