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moving website to another domain and to another isp

I moved my wordpress website to another domain and to another isp. My old domain is and my new domain is Everything looks fine for me, but some albums which I made with Hypershot are not working anymore.

This album looks fine:

While this album doesn't work on my new website:

If I look at the sourcecode of the webpage I see a difference, but if I take a look at the database I don't see any difference. All the tables contain the same information.

If I compare all the data from the albums who work with the albums who don't work I see a major difference:
All the albums have records in the table postmeta, like _collection_of_images_and_videos, _edit_last and _edit_lock and some more.
Some albums have also a set of records for every picture like _post_image_id_1, _post_image_1, _post_image_name_1, _post_image_desc_1.
All the albums who don't have the set of records for every picture are not working. I don't know if that is a coincidence, but maybe this is useful for you.


  • AirAir
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    diyask said: Some albums have also a set of records for every picture like _post_image_id_1, _post_image_1, _post_image_name_1, _post_image_desc_1.
    This is part of old system of saving options, and some not update albums, may still have these.
    diyask said: All the albums have records in the table postmeta, like _collection_of_images_and_videos
    There exactly are stored all images info.

    In that album I see that there is JS error cause, script for slider is not present there. Possible that you will have to refresh album(edit it, click update) and that will refresh meta option that tells to include script.

    Have you moved your WP like this : ?

    With kind regards.
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    Thank you for your reply.
    I updated the album several times, but I still have the problem.

    Yes, I moved my WP site just like you mentioned. The only difference is that I started with a clean by my isp installed WP site and that I installed the last version of Hypershot. Yesterday evening I downgrated Hypershot, but I still have the same problem.

    I tried something else, I added two new pictures to one of the albums with an error. The error album contains 14 images (including the 2 new ones). If I save the page and visit it I only see the two new images added in a good way, but not the 12 images which I converted from my old website. In the database I see a record _images_n_videos with the two new images and the other 12 are empty, see below:

    EDIT: lot of junk that wont help ;-)

    I hope you can tell me what's going wrong?

    Thanks in advance
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  • AirAir
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    Sorry, but I have no idea what went wrong during your movement of site.

    On your place I would get back to old location, update theme to newest version, refresh each album(edit->update) and make sure that they are ALL working. Then try to move your site once again following WordPress instructions for moving.

    Hope that this will help you somehow.

    With kind regards.
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