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I want to to install the update. But it fails. I follow your advices:!/installation_update_update_theme

Download the zip- folder war fine. I also used the Plug-In "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades". But when I install the update I get the error message: "the styleshett style.css is missing. the installation of theme is failed.". and the second error message was: "The Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin was unable to handle requests for this upgrade. Unfortunately, this setup may be incompatible with the plugin."

What should I do?


  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)
    sportie23 said: Download the zip- folder war fine.
    Same as in install you have to first take from that zip, another zip with theme only:
    Download ZIP file from ThemeForest and find in it file)
    With kind regards.

  • are right ;)

    I tried it again. I used the "": Now I got this message:
    "Unable to initialize WP_Filesystem. Will not proceed with the upgrade."

    Thanks again...
  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,970
    If you face issues with doing it by WordPress panel then do it by FTP, same as install!/installation_update_install
    Just remove old hypershot directory and upload new one :-) You won't lose theme settings. Remember to refresh settings after update, as explained in docs:
    Air said: After update you will loose file user.css which holds some settings from admin panel. Don't panic :-) Just go to admin panel to menu named Hypershot Theme, change first option you see, even if only by a pixel ;-) click Save changes and it will recreate this file. Now you can revert your changes.
    With kind regards.
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