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Changing progress bar color

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Whenever I try to change the grey bar to another color, the bar changes color correctly but it reverses out the the label text. (image attached)


  • Screenshot is here.
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    That is more like a Visual Composer plugins fault, their style sheets are doing this.
    To fix it:
    go to Xpert Options>>Custom Style and paste this definition:
    .vc_progress_bar .vc_general.vc_single_bar .vc_label {
      color: inherit !important;
      text-shadow: none !important;
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  • Thanks! I'll try that.
    I am currently online with site support for my site to make it possible for you to log in (for the portfolio help) . They keep disabling it due to a wave of brute force attacks. Should have an answer in a few minutes. Thanks for your help!
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