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2 websites and now visual composer doesn't work

Hi There

Hired a company to help me install the latest version of the adamant theme

They keep saying that I'm giving them a non-updated version. All I did was go on envanto and download the file. Am I doing something wrong? Please help :( this is costing me a lot of money!


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    Latest on is 1.5.6 and it has Visual COmposer ver 4.11.2, the latest Visual Composer version is and they fixed one thing - there was problem with automatic plugin update.
    And we certainly will release Adamant update with the latest Visual Composer version but it's not urgent.
    You can install Adamant theme now (v 1.5.6).
    And if You have problems with updating Adamant theme on existing website then please provide more details like what are error messages, where the process stops and so on.
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    All the Best.
  • Thanks

    Please see error message attached

    Currently on Version: 1.5.5
    Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 12.29.15.png
    1406 x 808 - 138K
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    The problem is that You are trying to install Adamant by using entire package downloaded from ThemeForest.
    This package contains an Adamant package and a lot of other things. So please unzip the package and find a file in there - this is a right package.
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  • Hi there

    Did that and unfortunately go this message

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /home/content/p3pnexwpnas04_data01/22/3072622/html/wp-content/themes/adamant/

    Theme install failed.
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    You should update the theme manually ( delete old one and refer to: )
    please refer to documentation:!/installation_update_update_theme
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    All the Best.
  • Thanks for your help

    All fixed!
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