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Overwhelmed by Fatmoon


I have a friend with a physical shop and am convincing him to get online with it (80% convinced). I am sure he could get what he wants with your Photon theme but Fatmoon looks amazing and I wonder if it would be a more complete option.

My question is: Can you build your theme with any combination of pages from any of the 41 demos? Or when you choose one you have to work with the pages of that configuration.

My second question is if something exactly like Photon (and better or newer) can be built with Fatmoon or it would be better if he got a Photon license.

Yup, Fatmoon can be overwhelming.



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    Hello Lalouetto

    First of all its like you wrote the Fatmoon theme is more complex than Photon and we used the experience from Photon to build the Fatmoon so you can recreate almost all elements which occurred in Photon (besides the footer and header)

    1) The only difference between the demos are the home page that means that other pages like "about us", "services" and all the rest are included in all the demo (i hope its clear for u ;) )
    2) I wrote it few line before, Fatmoon is far more complex then Photon and you can make a lot of new layouts using Fatmoon theme but you can't recreate the main header (with menu) and footer from the Photon theme. So you can decide which is the best option for you :)

    And yes, we added a lot of stuff to the Fatmoon theme and it can be overwhelming on the beginning ;)

    With Regards
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  • Ok, thanks.

    We will have a look and will get surely one or the other.

    Regards and kudos with Fatmoon again.
  • Ok, using this thread to continue this.

    My friend has finally chosen Photon in this case. He is asking me if he could get his invoice with his European VAT number (and without VAT tax). As you are in Europe too, is it possible any way to do it? Not sure if through envato that is possible.

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    We sell our themes only on the themeforest so we can only act within the Envato law.
    If he buys our theme he will be able to download invoice from the themeforest (

    And it will look similar to this one: (This is not our company name and address because we cant buy theme by ourselves ;)

    We cant do nothing more than this. Of course he will be able to settle this invoice in his country.

    With Regards
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