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How to change the image and text on the front page

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I feel extremely stupid for asking this, because it seems so basic and easy. I've tried all the documentation off an online, but somehow I cannot find how to change the image of the girl on the frontpage to something of my own. Also I can't find the text 'we create unique changes' to edit anywhere. I know that the frontpage links to in my case 'Home' page, but that's the stuff you see when you scroll down. The first thing you see, I can't find anywhere to edit. Can you please advise? Thanks.

Edit: I've tried Customize>General Settings>Gerenal Layout> then changing the background image... but that doesn't work...
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    You can find this photo, text, and logo in the Revolution Slider, take a look at the screenshots:
    1) How to open your slider -
    2) How to replace a background image - . Scroll down to replace the text on the slider.
    3) How to replace a logo:

    I hope it will be clear for you :)

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  • Thanks Daniel. That's a great help. Perhaps it's something A13 can add to their documentation. I didn't know it was a slide instead of a page. Thanks for your help!
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