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YouTube Header Background Video + Logo set up.

Hey, guys! Just finished by installing my new theme, yey!

Now, I need your help regarding setting up my logo and updating my slider as a stand alone video your tube url.

I have tried to create a new slider by using the revolution slider but when I come to the moment where I have to add the video url in the slide editor, I receive an error and that the video cannot be found.

Can you please explain to me the proper way how to add a single trailer as a header background video for my theme? I use the number 3 demo (with the girl pic).

I would also be grateful if you help me how to place my logo on the shield.

Thanks in advance and congrats for the awesome work! Cannot wait to build my site under your theme.



  • Here's a picture with the issue
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    Hello Vladimir, thanks to that you have become our client, I hope that you will be satisfied :)

    First of all, I'm not sure why you want to create the slider from scratch and not use an existing one from the third demo? ;) (and removed all the things and text that you don't want to use)

    Second thing, I tried to add your video and you're right the Revo Slider is not displaying it. You need to check your YT settings because (you can also try it) it is possible to add any other YT video.

    Third thing, don't use the layers to display your video, go here: and add your video as the background :)

    The last thing - you can add your logo in the customizer, open it and go to the "Header Settings > Logo" like in the screenshot:

    With Regards
    Lead Graphic Designer
  • Thanks, Daniel! That was helpful.

    I have a couple of questions that I hope you will help me with.

    1. Please visit my website and when you scroll down you will see the grey background color behind the video and a picture. How can I change the whole Home Page background.

    2. In the home page's Header, there's a logo that stays right in the middle of the header picture. How can I customize this, delete it or just change its location.

    3. When I could see the pixel pictures recommendations for header, full width pics.

    4. How to place a picture as a paralax on the page.

    5. How to make my Home Page Full Width. The content to reach both ends of the desktop and laptop version. Now it's like more centered and narrowed.

    6. How to change the whole menu background color?

    7. How to turn OFF the small icons that appears on the menu when I scroll down on my page.

    A bit more questions, sorry about that. Being working with the Thrive themes content builder until now. First meetings with the elementor and I'm kind of stuck right now. Once I get used to it, I will build my website fast. It's already my third one so I would not bother you a lot.

    Best regards,
  • One more thing. I have a struggle with synchronization of the Title font's size with the desktop and mobile version. Basically, when I fix it for the desktop, on the mobile it's too big. When I fix it for the mobile version, it automatically makes it small on the desktop. SO, is there any way how to set the font size separately for each version available? Desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

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    Hey Vladimir !

    We will answer your question, however I have to ask first. When I get to your site I don't see our theme parts like header, footer or other core parts.
    Do you have some maintenance mode turned on, or maybe you have enabled mode in Elementor that takes over whole site, so theme parts are removed?

    You can see, what I see If you test in private mode in your browser.

    With kind regards.
  • Hey, sorry for the late response. I'm not sure what I've done but I will install a new demo for sure. I have disabled the menus and everything (have no idea how I've done this haha). When I'm ready, I'll write to you again.

    Just a short question here.

    Do you think that your theme will be capable to be edit by the Architect Builder by Thrive Themes or it's optimized to work ONLY with the Elementor Content Builder.

    Thanks a lot!
  • AirAir
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    Hi Vladimir:-)

    I think you have enabled this Canvas mode in Elementor

    About your question on " Architect Builder":
    Our theme should work with any builder, that is why we have shortcodes for custom elements

    However Designs that you can import are build in Elementor(content) and theme settings. So as you probably understand, content design will not translate to "Architect Builder", however if you want to import theme settings, the they will work fine.

    Hope this answers your question :-)

    With kind regards.
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