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lightbox plugin not responding on works on homepage (1 page)

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i have been fiddling about with the options for a day trying to control the light box options (territorio). Nothing happens... Basically i would like to:

1. disable lightbox and link to a new page
2. if not possibile then to have a normal lightbox image popping up not inside a html page.
3. I would like the image to be actual size and not enlarged or deformed.
4. i do not want to see the page title on the thumbnails , and also on the lightbox image

5. where can i edit the lightbox properties ( height/width image)

please tell me what is happening

i have created a username for you please tell me where i can send the login details in private


mark chambers
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    Hey Mark :-)

    Sorry for confusion that you are facing. I will try to help my best :-)

    Ligthbox that display works in OneLander doesn't have currently any settings on its own, so I can help you customize it with custom CSS, if you will tell me what you need.

    However I have read your post and from what I understand you are mostly interested in disabling lightbox on homepage. To do it go to:
    Appearance → Customize → Works Settings → Works list → How to open work.

    Thanks to this your works will open as new page.

    Next you can decide how you wish to display each work by editing it

    For works you have 2 types of ways to display photos: as bricks or in slider. Each options has its own options so you should be able to achieve what you need.

    With kind regards.

  • hello,
    thanks for the help!
    you can see the site live here now

    if you go to the bottom 'territorio' you will see not very elegant solution.
    Is there any way of removing the link to the work page and to just show the photo on the homepage.

    if not

    then is there an elegant way of doing normal lightbox popups from the homepage without opening up the works page


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    Hello Mark

    - First of all, remove this shortcode with works from your home page and add new section divided into two columns
    - Take a look at this screenshot: - you can see that I divided the main section into two columns (point 1) and added images from Elementor library (point 2)
    - On the next screen: you can see how to add the lightbox to each image.

    I hope everything is clear, if not let me know, ill try to explain it in another way ;)

    With Regards
    Lead Graphic Designer
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