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No logo in header before scrolling down

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Hi there
I bought another copy of your great theme and been working on a one pager based on your template. I use a transparent sticky header that goes into a background when starting to scroll.
I was wondering if there is the possibility to have the logo invisible as long as the header background is invisible and only show it when starting to scroll (same thing as happens with the header background)?
The linkfor the testing site:

Thanks, Pascal


  • AirAir
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    Hey Pascal!

    It think you could do that by uploading transparent logo for default header color variant, and "normal" logo for sticky header overwrites

    If you want to do this trick on every page then, upload transparent logo normally in Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Logo.

    If you want to do it on single page, then upload it for example in Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Variant light – overwrites and then select this header variant on page that you wish to have this trick:-)

    Be sure to enable Use logos from header variants option.

    Hope this will help :-)

    Thanks for supporting us!

    With kind regards.
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    Great! Sometimes the best solution is really simple! Worked like a charm! Thanks
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