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1. I got communicate from YOAST that my site cannot be indexed by internet browsers. It seems that it is some usual problem with plugin, not theme, but there is some procedure including Google's mobile friendly test and i got that result:

Like there are some assets that cannot be loaded by Google bot.

2. I have some problems with translating Photoproof to polish. Mostly it is ok, i read some topics here about translating and docummentation, i installed potedit, went to language folder of theme, found photoproof.po, editet it, saved as pl_PL and... there is no change on my website. I want change "read more" and "prev - next article" into polish. I tried saving it at original name and that also didnt worked.
I dont see there any *.mo file.

3. Is there any option to COMPLETLY remove emoticons from wordpress? I found some ways, but it only changes emoticons from more modern to old and ugly ones. Problem is, that they are still there. I dont wanna them. I would prefer just pure text emoticons.

4. Can i somehow delete hidden sidebar? I dont think i need it.

5. Photos in main page album ( are enlarged. At least vertical ones. Horizontal looks fine. Can i somehow force script to not enlarge photos, but keep them at original size or fit them to screen?

Thanks for great theme,

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