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Rife Pro & WPML

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Hello Air

Already started a new project ( with Rife & Elementor. The basic setup is done (using Chillout Landing Design as base) but since this Site will be in two languages WPML is installed as well.. but for some reason I cannot make the translation work... is Rife Pro multilingual ready? Can you help? (I'll send you login data through private message)

Thanks, Pascal


  • AirAir
    Posts: 9,754
    Hey Pascal :-)

    Yes, Rife Free/Pro is WPML ready, same as FatMoon was. I believe we will have hunt issue together as usual ;-)

    How issue manifests?

    With kind regards.
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    Hi Air

    Thanks for your fast reply.. let's hope the hunt is a short one :)
    In pages I have your "home" template and with WPML I can add the tralation using the + symbol. Editing the different content fields is no problem (it even shows the progress in %) but after saving the traslation the page doesn't appear in the other language. When I click the + icon again I get the translation with the already translated fields .. so it has to be somewhere ;)
    I just sent you login info through private message

    Thanks one again in advance
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    Hi again

    So once more I made you hunt and found out the solution in the meanwhile.. sorry! It looks that WPML (quite some changes lately) using WPML Translation Management only puts the page in the new language section once 100% of the page is checked as "final translation" .. not exactly a step forward in my eyes but probably I have to go deeper into WPML

    Thanks, Pascal
  • AirAir
    Posts: 9,754
    Don't worry Pascal, I was busy finishing some feature(hunting bug ;-) ) for an upcoming update so I couldn't get to this earlier. Great you have found a solution, and thanks for sharing all the details!

    With kind regards.
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