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Work section default

This isn't a bug, but something to consider for the next update.

a13fe-post-list short code should allow for a default selected category.
Currently, you can either list all Works, and show the filter, or list works from only a selected category or categories. But you can't show only some works by default then allow the user to choose all categories.

Example shortcode:
[a13fe-post-list type="work" orderby="title" posts="5" columns="2" filter="1" categories="featured, digital, print" defaultcategory="featured"]

(And an "All" filter would appear, but "Featured" Would be selected.)


  • AirAir
    Posts: 9,797
    Hey :-)

    Thanks for your idea and time to write this!
    Yes, that is also not supported in normal Works/Albums list.

    Few users of our previous themes had a similar idea, but I am not sold on this.

    I have a problem in believing that common user(visitor) will easily grasp that what he sees is already filtered and can click "All" to see other.

    I believe that going another way around(starting from "All" and then filter to category) suffers from the same issue, but you can be sure that visitor will see all your works if that was your intention.

    Having that in mind, if your main idea is to show category items, then the filter would be useless for the majority of users.

    This is what I think, but I am open to your opinion on this to change my mind :-)

    With kind regards.
  • I can understand that a user could be confused by starting from a filter and then needing to choose “All”. I don’t think they would be, but it’s a judgement call.

    There is still a need for a way to show only some of the items at the start, and allow the user to choose a different category. My complete set of works is over 30 items, which is too many to show to users at the start. It makes the page very long and slow to load.

    Another alternative would be to show a default category but without the “All” filter. This would require the site author to be sure every Work is assigned to at least one category, but that is acceptable. The works widget could still pull all items, but not display them by default.

    [a13fe-post-list type="work" orderby="title" posts="5" columns="2" filter="1" defaultcategory="featured”]
    This change would pull all items, no longer display “All”, and place “Featured” as the first filter item.

    This has the benefit of not showing so many items at the start, and still allowing the user to explore all items.

    Thank you for your consideration!
  • AirAir
    Posts: 9,797
    I like what you say and how you have explained this:-)

    I will check what is possible, and add something in one of the upcoming updates.

    With kind regards.
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