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Off setting the main title, Slider responsive and Pop up design

Hi Team,

1. We want to offset the mail title by 65px as the main title gets hidden behind the menu. How do we change it? Please see attached screenshot.

2. The slider revolution we want to make it responsive for mobile so the complete image is seen. How do we change that. Screenshot attached.

3. In works we are using it for 2 different modules. One in Brands and other in case studies (Screenshot attached). We want to design the pop ups separately for both. Can we do that we design the pop up separately for each category of works.

Thank you.
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    Hello :-)

    If you have more then one case to talk about then please add every case in a separate topic(read more here), cause if this topic will have more then 3 answers, it will make chaos by answering to different points of the first question. I believe you can imagine this :-)

    Back to questions:
    apmonisha said: the main title gets hidden behind the menu.
    In Page options ( ) Please see option Header -> Hide content under header.
    apmonisha said: Can we do that we design the pop up separately for each category of works.
    No, it is not possible with current structure.

    I will ask Daniel to answer you about 2nd point.

    With kind regards.
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    Let's talk about your second question.
    I heard this question many many times in the past ;)
    The answer is still the same, you can not do anything about it.
    Why? Because this is how the "cover" background works. Like you can see on the screenshot: the Revo use it and if you want to stretch your image in the background you must use it.
    It works like this if you have a wide website this photo fits the side edges and if you have a narrow side, the photo will fit to the top and bottom edges.

    You can try to change this value (cover) to something else and check if it good for you.

    Best Regards
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  • Thank you for the help :-)
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