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Social icons set to be shown in "tablet screen dimension"

Good morning.
I've got this issue to solve: as I've got to use many social icons, when the screen turns into "tablet dimension", menu (horizontal one) voices collapse while social icons do not, and by user point of view, it is messy, because menu is not well visible .
I could imagine to solve it in two ways.
1. collapse the social icon at the same dimension menu does (at "mobile dimension" it already behaves like this)
2. not to use social icon ONLY in the header (I intend to keep them in the footer and in the other working points as they are), placing menu voices with social icon that could collapse with all the other menu voices, but menu behaves "strange" if not text is written in a menu voice .
With "strange behaviour I mean that I reached to save menu with only icon and not label, only if firstly saved it with some label, and then I deleted it leaving a "space bar" label: operation can be done only once, 'cause as I try to save again the menu with a "social icon and and a "space label", the second saving time it disappears.

Should it be possible to have the solution in at least one way of the two?
Thank you very much


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