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Limit Categories Listed in Filter

I've gone through the support forum and theme documentation but seem to be coming up with a blank on this issue.

I'd like to limit which categories get listed in the filters - such as on "Works" and "Blog".

Can't seem to find this within Customize or Settings. Thoughts?


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    Hello there:-)

    You didn't find an answer to this, as you are first to ever ask about it :-)

    I think it would be possible by editing query for the filter, but it is a coding task.

    Could you tell me why you want to have categories in blog or works, that you don't want to use in the filter?

    Based on your feedback I could decide what could be done in your scenario.

    With kind regards.
  • Thanks for responding!

    I essentially have some categories that just don't fit our needs to be displayed in the filter. I would instead use tags, but tags aren't an option in Works items.

    The idea is that the "portfolio" will have a filter that lets you limit by real estate development type (single-family, multi-family, commercial, etc). We offer multiple products for each development type. So I have a secondary category set for the Works items that includes the product type. I don't want the "product type" to show in the Filter navigation - as I have a Services page that will link to each of those groups. Hopefully that makes sense.

    If there's no way to limit what shows in the Filter navigation, is there a way to have a sublevel for the filter?
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    Hey :-)

    Yes, it makes sense. However, I don't have any tool or setting to limit which category is listed in the filter.

    But you have suggested a cool solution, about sublevel. You could use multiple "Works list" solution to achieve what you want :-)

    Basically, you could divide your categories to 2 groups:
    1. Public
    2. Internal
    Or name it any other way.

    These 2 would be your root categories.
    Next, you could create children categories(like explained in the above link to documentation). In "Public" you could add all the categories that you would like to be displayed in the filter, and in "internal" all other.

    Next, you can use this "Public" category as your Works List page, and there you will only see categories that are children of "Public".
    Similar thing should be possible for Blog.

    Give a try and tell me what do you think.

    With kind regards.
  • Hmm, that's an interesting idea, but unfortunately wouldn't work in this instance. I probably didn't explain the situation clearly.

    Essentially, we will have a portfolio of projects. Each project will be identified by what type of real estate project it is (like single family or commercial) as well as what product type was created for it (photographs, videos, website). So projects in the portfolio would need categories/tags from both groupings. But I only want the categories for real estate type to show in the "filter" navigation function.

    I believe the easiest way around this is to use the "Category" function for "real estate type" - so the text that would display in the "filter" function would just be these phrases. And then use the "Tag" function for the product type - since I don't want tag phrases showing up in the filter. Is there an easy way to enable the "Tag" function for the Works items? I would just need to add tags within the WP admin for each Works item but that function isn't available with the theme template.
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    Actually I found a much easier work-around...

    I created a category called "Product Type" and subcategories for each of those product types. I then added custom css to hide that one instance of "Product Type" in the filter navigation...
    .category-filter li[data-filter="41"] {
      display: none;
    All set and fixed.
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  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    If CSS solution is acceptable by you, then that is great, as this is the least invasive solution.

    The solution that I gave didn't require you to remove any categories from works. Only change was in arranging these categories, as this affects what filters are visible.

    Anyway, CSS will have much fewer side effects:-)

    With kind regards.
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