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Menu scaling on mobile

When viewing an album in landscape orientation on mobile device and clicking to expand menu button, the menu list drops below/outside the screen area, and if you scroll to view all menu items , the background scroller size stays static, i.e. doesn't resize so you get blank area behind the menu.

Mobile device: Samsung Galaxy S9+
Screen resolution: 2960x1440

2960 x 1440 - 2M
2960 x 1440 - 817K


  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Everything fine. There are few reasons for that:

    The last thing you would want to is to resize scroller when the menu opens, as it would "choke" the browser for a noticeable time amount while it will be resizing all the images.

    When a user opens the menu, he is interested in the menu:-) , not what is going on behind, so we should focus on it, and visibility of menu items.

    Also, scroller is placed in a static way, like you have said, cause you can also add text content below it, and if you would, then in the same situation you would see this text content or footer :-)

    However, if you had even longer menu it could still scroll page even below the footer or text content. However, this is natural behavior if we want to make sure the whole menu is accessible to the user.

    So to sum up - everything is fine. You are using the semi-transparent background for menu plus only having a scroller on this particular page, that is why you may feel like it is not desired behavior.

    Most important thing is that the whole menu is accessible even that is stretches outside of the visible area on the device.

    What I could advise is to use more solid color for the mobile menu to make sure it will be readable for Visually Impaired users.

    With kind regards.
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