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Issues with Mobile Menu and Section Images

See attached image:
4968 x 2562 - 1M


  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    About menu:
    It is coincidence as I have found exactly the same issue yesterday while implementing new features.

    The fix will come with next update, but you can fix it now by adding this custom CSS:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) { .menu-cell .top-menu{
    		width: auto;
    		float: none;
    		text-align: left;
    		padding-bottom: 0;
    However, I am not sure about your second issue and what is happening there. Could you share a link to your website?

    WIth kind regards.
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    Menu fixed! Thx...
    Link to site in email.
  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Thanks for the link.

    About the color of the phone numbers in the footer on the phone - it seems phone are changing them to links so someone could easier make a call, and there is nothing we can do about this, except changing colors of links.

    For this you can use this custom CSS:
    #contact a,
    #contact a:hover{
        color: #999999;

    About image behind contact sections: I have checked on 2 devices(both iOS) and I see your photo centered and stretched to full height.
    However, on your screenshot, it seems you see right part of the photo. Because of that on the bottom, you see right "handle" and on top "blackness" of this photo.

    Try playing around with settings of this background photo, and set everything to default + Size to cover.

    With kind regards.
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