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Change color of single menu item link (without Elementor)

Dear Apollo 13 Team,

I am using Rife Pro on WP and I am not interested in using Elementor Page Builder for various reasons.

I want to change the text color of one single menu item.

I want to achieve this:

I tried the above method to add custom css.

I added a custom CSS class under WordPress Menus for the mentioned menu item ".kaufen" and added this custom CSS to the Rife Pro custom CSS:

.kaufen {
color: #da291c !important;
background-color: #da291c;

Color: did not change anything. (Also without !important)
I added the background-color to check if I am addressing the right css class. Background color change works fine.

Inspecting the menu item I see that the color of (all) menu items is set by:
.top-menu li a, .top-menu li span.title {
color: #002d72;

If I change this
.top-menu li a, .top-menu li span.title {
color: #002d72;
I change the color of all menu links - which is not what I want. I only want to change the color of menu link that has css class "kaufen".
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  • AirAir
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    Hey there :-)

    Thanks for so much details! That helps a lot.

    In that case please try such custom CSS:
    .top-menu a, .top-menu span.title {
        color: #da291c;
        background-color: #da291c;
    If this will not help, please send me to live link to your website and I will check what is going on.

    With kind regards.
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