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Can I have x2 blog pages on the same site?

I want to duplicate the blog page and use it as a gallery for videos, and add posts on a regular basis. The blurb 'About this Blog' at the side would need to change to 'About my Films', and then Add posts when I have a new film available to embed. I also want a blog, where I can write about different topics that may or may not be related. And this one would say 'about this Blog' at the side.
Is this possible, and what would I need to keep in mind while developing the Films page?


  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    If instead of using traditional Blog page, you would link only to the category of posts, then you should get something that you want. After this, we could try to change the title bar to what you want with some code modification.

    So you would have posts under category "film" and under "news" for example. And in the menu you would link to:

    Another way would be to create 2 pages, and with use of post list widget, list only posts from certain category on each page. This way you can easily customize many more things about each of the pages.

    So the traditional blog page will get useless :-)

    With kind regards.

    With kind regards.
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