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BUTTON "click here to scroll the page below"

Hi. Where can I edit the BUTTON "click here to scroll the page below" that is on the albums and merely scrolls down to a footer which I do not have as on these two pages:

Thanks in advance!


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    Hey :-)

    What you would like to edit about this button?

    Without it, many users might not be able to scroll to your footer, mainly on touch devices.

    Please see this answer for some tips

    With kind regards.
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    Thanks, again. I do not have a specific plan to edit it at this time and I am aware it is to scroll to the footer. However, since I do not currently have a footer I would like to either remove it or edit it with a link to somewhere else on my site, like a booking page etc.
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    mobileheadshots said: However, since I do not currently have a footer
    You have footer :-)
    This button shows up only if there is any content below the scroller. If you will remove footer Appearance → Customize → General settings → Footer button will not show up.

    You can also force to hide it with custom CSS:
    .scroll-below {
        display: none;
    With kind regards.
  • I suppose I do have a footer but no widgets set up with much content. Great ideas, thanks again!
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