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Can't modify the frontpage for the PhotoProof Wordpress theme

Hi everyone,

I've recently purchased the PhotoProof Wordpress theme, and installed it on a fresh Wordpress installation and imported demo n.3. Everything seems to be working perfectly. I can edit pages with Elementor without issue, except for the frontpage.

When I try to modify the frontpage "Home" with Elementor I get an error "The preview could not be loaded", which results in me not being able to modify anything at all. The elementor debug page talks about disabling plug-ins and such, but since I've only got the plug-ins installed that the theme suggests, I figured I'd be better of asking for a solution here.

Anyone have any ideas?

( Attached is a screenshot of the error. The error itself is in Dutch, as is the Wordpress installation. I've also attached a screenshot of my plugins list, so that you can verify that I've only used the plug-ins provided by the theme )
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