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full screen video homepage

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I need to customize the homepage with a full page video (from youtube or vimeo) as background. thinking about slider revolution but I can't choose the video template from the page setting dropdown menu (only "default" is selectable).

can you give me a hand to set it, pls?

thanks in advance.


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    I've realize this:

    but I see two little lines on the top and bottome side of the video.

    I've choose "Cover the whole screen" from the album setting but I still see them ... there's a way to remove?
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    Hi there,

    You must remember that when you use video in that way (as a player), you won't be able to cover a whole screen. You must definitely use it as a background video. Unfortunately, there is no way to do it using an album, and you must use a WPBakery ROW.

    Please create a single ROW with these settings (both settings for one ROW):
    1) Full-height and full-width:
    2) Video as a background:

    I hope it helps. Let me know :)

    With kind regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
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