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Suddenly some photo's are too large viewed

I've an 'interesting" issue. Suddenly the black and white pictures on a "slideshow page" on my website are too large. The color pictures are still the same as when I installed them. The black and white were also okay. The link to my website is I guess it has to to with something "auto resize". Good to know, I did not change anything, or at least I think I did not change something.


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    Hello :-)

    Those pictures that are big are vertical ones, so this is normal.
    I am not sure what you have seen before, as this is how it should look from the start with those kind of photos and cell width:-)

    You could either reduce the size of scroller cell in album settings or turn change Fit images option to contain.
    Another possibility would be to use horizontal photos.

    With kind regards.
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    Thank you, I'm not sure it was wrong in the beginning, not worth a discussion either, the option 'contain' works fine to me. Thank you!
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    Great to hear that :-)

    With kind regards.
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