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Image linking Issue under People section


I am facing an issue that how can i able to link a person image (under people section on the home page) from their respective page. When I am clicking on a person image, it is not redirecting me to the respective person page. Nothing is happening.

Can you please let me know that how can clicking start work under "WE THE PEOPLE" section, so when i click on a person image it will redirect me to the respective page created under People section.



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    Hi there,

    I'm sorry there is no way to create a direct link using people section. Yes, you're right it looks like that there should be a link, but it is only hover effect.
    I can try to help you achieve a similar effect to this one: https://rifetheme.com/raven/
    With this team effect, you can link image to any page. What do you think?

    With kind regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
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