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How to configure my Bronx demo like

Hello good afternoon.

I have installed the FatMoon template and the Bronx version but I see that it does not show as the version

The menu and logo are out of the picture:

How could / could you configure to display the same please?

The access data are:
$ GZ7y ~ B% OpyZANwp%;

That's all, regards.


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    In addition to this, I try to change some configurations in the homepage like the dropdown menu "Content design" or "Content : Fill up / below",... but when I try to preview the changes, I get a 404 error.

    Also if I try to access other pages, I get an 404 error, I don't know why.
    For example :

    Why I can't preview that changes and how I could fix this too?

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    Hello :-)
    GalernaEstudio said: The menu and logo are out of the picture:
    I have checked your website on the Chrome broweser and it looked fine. Could you explain in more details what you mean here?

    GalernaEstudio said: I get a 404 error.

    Also if I try to access other pages, I get an 404 error, I don't know why.
    For example :
    I believe this is something with your WordPress configuration, as theme can not affect your website this way. You can confirm it by switching to another theme.

    I believe this path with ~ char in address can make some problems.
    You can try to switch to default(plain) Permalinks for now in Settings → Permalinks, and check if this will solve the problem for you.

    For future, if you have more then one case to talk about then please add every case in a separate topic(read more here), cause if this topic will have more then 3 answers, it will make chaos by answering to different points of the first question. I believe you can imagine this :-)

    With kind regards.

  • Hello again

    The navigation problem is solved. It was another problem since sample page was automatically selected as homepage.

    The problem that I cannot solve is that of the format with which the header or upper area is presented.

    I attach two images, one how the demo looks correctly and how I want to configure: correct-demo.jpg

    And another as the demo installed in the temporary development URL looks like: wrong.jpg

    There must be some configuration pending to be adjusted so that the upper area, the logo, menu and social networks are within the image and not with a white background.

    Finally, it is clear to me to send the separate tickets. I apologize.

    I look forward to resolving the issue.


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    Hello :-)

    You will have to choose different header color varaint for your front page -

    In this case, edit your album(the one used on the front page) and chose the light variant of the header in Album details → Header → Header color variant -

    With kind regards.

  • Done.

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