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During March of 2020, and possibly April, answers may be delayed more than it usually happens. This is caused by my personal situation that requires a lot of time from me to be dedicated elsewhere, and also because of the local things that are happening currently cause of the all things connected to "Corona Virus".

Please be patient, all answers are coming as soon as possible, even if I have to stay late at night :-)

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Before you ask please READ THIS

How to configure my Bronx demo like https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-bronx/

Hello good afternoon.

I have installed the FatMoon template and the Bronx version but I see that it does not show as the version https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-bronx/

The menu and logo are out of the picture:

How could / could you configure to display the same please?

The access data are:
$ GZ7y ~ B% OpyZANwp%;

That's all, regards.


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    In addition to this, I try to change some configurations in the homepage like the dropdown menu "Content design" or "Content : Fill up / below",... but when I try to preview the changes, I get a 404 error.

    Also if I try to access other pages, I get an 404 error, I don't know why.
    For example :

    Why I can't preview that changes and how I could fix this too?

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    Hello :-)
    GalernaEstudio said: The menu and logo are out of the picture:
    I have checked your website on the Chrome broweser and it looked fine. Could you explain in more details what you mean here?

    GalernaEstudio said: I get a 404 error.

    Also if I try to access other pages, I get an 404 error, I don't know why.
    For example :
    I believe this is something with your WordPress configuration, as theme can not affect your website this way. You can confirm it by switching to another theme.

    I believe this path with ~ char in address can make some problems.
    You can try to switch to default(plain) Permalinks for now in Settings → Permalinks, and check if this will solve the problem for you.

    For future, if you have more then one case to talk about then please add every case in a separate topic(read more here), cause if this topic will have more then 3 answers, it will make chaos by answering to different points of the first question. I believe you can imagine this :-)

    With kind regards.

  • Hello again

    The navigation problem is solved. It was another problem since sample page was automatically selected as homepage.

    The problem that I cannot solve is that of the format with which the header or upper area is presented.

    I attach two images, one how the demo looks correctly and how I want to configure: correct-demo.jpg

    And another as the demo installed in the temporary development URL looks like: wrong.jpg

    There must be some configuration pending to be adjusted so that the upper area, the logo, menu and social networks are within the image and not with a white background.

    Finally, it is clear to me to send the separate tickets. I apologize.

    I look forward to resolving the issue.


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    Hello :-)

    You will have to choose different header color varaint for your front page - https://rifetheme.com/apollo13-framework/docs/customizing-the-theme/header/type-variant-background/

    In this case, edit your album(the one used on the front page) and chose the light variant of the header in Album details → Header → Header color variant - https://rifetheme.com/apollo13-framework/docs/content-management/albums-works-post-types/album-options/

    With kind regards.

  • Done.

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