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the theme "content" list doesn't work (using filters)

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Hey there!

When I use the Apollo13 Theme "content" List for "work", not all categories are displayed. But even more worse, not all content is displayed.

On the screenshot at no.1 you can see that only 1 content is displayed. At no.2 you can see that there are 2 contents in this category.

This is really frustrating.
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  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    Categories filter will only filter items that are loaded. So if you have limited widget to display only 6 items on load, it will filter only from those 6.

    So you ither should focus on limited number of items on your homepage, or if you need them all, them load them all.

    With kind regards.
  • benben
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    Thanks for the reply :)

    i limited it at 6 because there are no categories with more than 6 items.
    in this example (bug.jpg) there are 6 items (items.jpg) but only 2 items are displayed.

    when i choose another categorie with 6 items, 3 items will be displayed. :/

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  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Like I have said before: setting this to 6 items loads 6 items on your site in total. If I remember correctly it will be 6 latest items.
    Next if you will use filters, it will filter only loaded items, it will not load more items for new category.

    If it would work like you said, it will initialy load 6 items for "All" category, next if you switch category it would have to load more items, and after you are back to "All" you will have like 10 items in total instead of 6.

    Feels inconsitent. What do you think about it?

    With kind regards.
  • benben
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    i put it on 20 items, and now it works. :D
    i thought when i choose 0 this means unlimited / all. but that doesn't worked.

    btw: when i choose "posts" it works with "0", but with "work" it doesn't work. crazy

    and offtopic: can i change the name/URL for "work":

    the same with /work-genre/ ?
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    ben said: btw: when i choose "posts" it works with "0", but with "work" it doesn't work. crazy
    I will check this out, what could be the reason.
    ben said: and offtopic: can i change the name/URL for "work":
    "work" slug is changable in
    You may refresh permalinks after this change if you will get 404 error–-refresh-permalinks

    As for "work-genre", it is not changeable, and there is no "update proof" method to change it.

    With kind regards.
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    Hi there, having the same issue. I am aware that filters only filter the works items that loaded on page load. But i wanted to ask how i can make them operate on the entire back catalogue instead of the ones that loaded on page load?

    Naturally loading my entire catalogue of work on the homepage just so the filter can filter them properly is not a sensible solution so i wanted to ask if there is any custom code i can add to make the filters work on all items.
  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    It is not possible to do anything on your side.

    I would need to create such a feature, so posts/works would be dynamically loaded on filtering.

    As much as I understand the need for such a feature, there is a problem with how many different plugins can act on those posts/works. It can result in such dynamically loaded posts to not be fully functional.

    However, these would be some edge cases. I will add to my todo to work on this dynamic loading.
    For today, I don't have any solution for you.

    With kind regards.
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