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Change home/main site for theme https://rifetheme.com/photoproof-3/

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My Client chose theme https://rifetheme.com/photoproof-3/ but she wants to change only one thing, home/main site from https://rifetheme.com/photoproof-3/ to home/main site from theme https://rifetheme.com/photoproof-4/
How can I best do it?

Arek Ignasiak


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    Hi Arek,

    You need to switch between a few options to achieve it.
    Could you please send me temporary access to your WordPress panel so I could help you with it? Send it here on the forum via private message(click on my nick, in top-right corner you will find option "Message").

    By sending access to WordPress I mean:
    -create new ADMIN account with fake e-mail
    -set some password to this account
    -send me created login and password

    With regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thank You very much for help, everything works very well :-)

    Kind regards,
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