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Lightbox for Product Image Gallery

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Hi team,

When using the lightbox to view product images, I've noticed that I am not able to customize the lightboxt throught the appearance pannel as I would like. I then used Elementor to customize the lightbox as I want and I've disabled the theme lightbox. Unfortunately the lightbox from elementor works well when I use an image and an image gallery separately for the product, however if I'm using the product gallery widget, the lightbox doesn't work properly.
Here is an example:

Is there any way I can have the lightbox working correctly to use the theme's product image gallery widget as designed by you guys?

Thank you.


  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Lightbox that you are talking about is part of the WooCommerce, not from the theme.
    It looks similar to our lightbox, used for example in albums, but it is not the same, and it is not controlled by the theme in any way.

    I am not sure what do you mean by making "lightbox working correctly "?

    Currently, 3 types of lightbox are in the play here: from the Elementor, from the WooCommerce, and from the theme.

    I suspect that Elementor also doesn't try to override default WooCoomerce lightbox, unles you will override whole template for displaying products in Elementor Pro.

    With kind regards.
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