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2 "apply coupon" buttons

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There are 2 "apply coupon " buttons on my checkout page in Woocommerce. How can I block or delete one of them, preferably the blue button? CSS?


  • AirAir
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    It seems it is a result of merging 2 pages: cart and checkout. Have you checked in plugin settings that enabled this, or in WooCoomerce settings if you can disable Apply coupon?

    Also please check those solutions

    With kind regards.
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    So I delete the plugin that combines the cart and the checkout page into one single page. But the problem still exists. There is still a coupon code element in the cart and another in check out. see attached URL..
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  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Yes, there are 2 coupon fields by default in WooCommerce, and I believe they did it for a reason.

    However, you can use the solution from my previous post, or remove adding coupon altogether.

    In your previous layout, it was more problematic, as you merged 2 different pages into one, and indeed then you don't need 2 coupon fields. However, if they are separate it makes sense, as you never know when a client will notice it :-)

    With kind regards.
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