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sidebar layout

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How do i change the layout of category side bar. I want to move it from left side to the right side. I'd like to change font family, size, etc..


  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    You can move sidebar to the right in the shop settings Appearance → Customize → Shop Settings → Products list

    As for colors they are all predefined in the CSS, hover I can help with some CSS for it.

    For links in the sidebar you can use this custom CSS:
    .widget a {
        color: #535353;
    .widget a :hover{
        color: #ff0000;

    Font family is the same as set for the content content in Appearance → Customize → General settings → Fonts settings → Font for normal(content) text , but I see that you have already overridden it with custom CSS. Am I right?

    With kind regards.
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