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Images take forever to load

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Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Hi, i also faced similar problem but somethings helped me.
    It could be your connection speed, ur hosting service or Ur image size. For me it was image size
    Here is my site
    My file sizes for images are 1680x1050 pixels and around 200-300 kb, these shud open in about 5-10 secs on a decent 512 kbs connection. ive kept resolution high for sharper full screen views. But lower is advisable for quicker loads.
    Also i use full size only for full screen , for rest i use lower versions.
    I feel the theme works perfect for me.
  • AirAir
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    If you could post link of your page then I could check what is going on. Also it might be just as PratikJ said.

    With regards.
  • Hi all,
    Thanks for the help, I guess I didn't realize my images were so big that it would slow everything down so I resized.

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