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new website updates

Hello Aria!
sorry I never replied to your message, but i never saw it!!
I did activate new support because there are a lot of changes i would like to make!
I would like to go with a new webstie look but I’m trying not to change theme because there are still some things I really love and honesty , your assistance service is one of the best I ever met and I’m afraid of changing…. So I’ll try to see what I can do tweaking some things around.
I’m making a list below of al the things I have had trouble with…. Please let me know if I’m asking to much!!


1. I would like to add some blocks like "latest posts" or " about me" to make the page a bit longer and more interesting to scroll but I don't get the option to make changes with elementor.
2. I have made an Italian version but I’ can’t manage to make it work even:
3. there should be the little flag for language selection
4. can I have a 100% wide video in home page that would be viewed even on mobile?

1. I would like to add a drop down option for the blog menu, that would be BLOG> photos sessions, Tips&Tricks, Editorial
2. In my older version the menu of the main pages (about, blog, portfolio) was transparent on top of the content( instead of on a white background) I can’t get that to work anymore
3. in the hamburger version I would like everything to be bigger, like new designs are doing (view example here:

1. I would like to change the font styles, mainly ABOUT, BLOG, PORTFOLIO, CONTACT should be bold

1. I would like to make all fonts bigger (similar to this I figured how to do it manually with element or but maybe it should be done via css so it affects ALL typography of the web site?
2. I added some motion effects with element or but they don’t seem to work
3. I absolutely love the text animation at the top of the page… is there a way to use the same animation in blog posts?

1. the blog categories are not working correctly, for example if you click on blog>tips&triks it shows just 2 articles, and it gives you the option to go to page 2 (niche would not be necessary because there are only 3 articles total) and if you do click non page 2 it shows unrelated articles

1. I would like to change all typography styles, to make it more similar at “about” (always similar to this:
2. the images are not as wide as the text
3. can I change the max width of text and images?
4. the “previous and next article” links at the end of the page don’t show the image correctly
5. is there any way I can have the option to choose to have some images as wide as the text and some 100% wide? (As done here:
6. this post : has a .gif I did try to insert a video, but it was not visible on mobile… is there a way to fix that?

A really hope you can help me on all of this, and that you don’t hate me for the long list!!

Thank you so much,


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