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  • Ok, so i made parrallax scroller full widght, but... text is also without any margins right now. :P
  • I wasn't installing anything new. I just updated plugins and theme. Only modification which I lastly added, was custom css from you to delete counter in scroller, but it was working fine.
  • Ok, so after that submenu openers it is working, but now there are these "arrows". Before there were no arrows, but it worked in the same way. I think this is the last time, that I am updating this theme. It makes a lot mess.
  • It's not working. Before it was fine.
  • Ok. Almost there. Now submenu isn't working. :P
  • Ok, that helped with header. Scroller is now bigger, but still in some sort of box.
  • Yes, it is here: Also i updated today theme and Dark overrite header stopped working. I seleceted dark theme for blog part (which has white background) and i still have there white header.
  • And that parralax? If I try put it into site with shortcodes, it isnt in full screen mode. So i set album as main page instead, but that's not optimal.
    in Header Comment by eloneleth August 2018
  • Ok, I found it. Thank you.
    in Header Comment by eloneleth August 2018
  • And if I want black variant for blog? I dont see any option of header in blog section.
    in Header Comment by eloneleth August 2018
  • I think now it is harder than it was before. Maybe its bugged after upgrades. You go into appearance -> Photoproof import -> Design Importer. But better do copy of your site before. Today i kinda f***** up my site by doing that. :P

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