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  • I've seen that page too and somewhere else I ready plenty of browser support it. My visitors (potential clients) mainly use Chrome and Safari so I don't care much about less popular browsers. I decided to give it a try - nothing on the site is cruci…
  • Sounds good. It's just an idea I had, to use filters, as I photograph Danish and ethnic weddings as well as wedding related events, which makes sense to group together, but also to be able to filter different types out - I want to focus most on Dani…
  • I see you were able to test this plugin before me:-) Haha. It can get a bit weird because it seems it only runs the first time, when images are uploaded. If I later change brick sizes, width or Apollo13 quality, then the images will be regenerated…
  • Thank you very much for looking further into this. You don't have to but I appreciate it. I'll create my site as full width, with either 5 or 3 bricks. With 5, I love that it goes from 5 - 3 - 2 - 1, when resizing browser on desktop I found Imag…
  • That is very biased crowd:D Haha, yeah I know us photographers can be too whiny, when it comes to image quality. I'm trying not to be that type and always upload my photos to Facebook at 960px, because who cares and so many use phones anyways. …
  • Just updated and the new feature works perfectly. Thanks!
  • Curious, because this time I couldn't get it to work on my phone so I gave up after trying for a while The theme has two huge issues, but I only see them on phone, so yeah - it very well might be serving different data depending on device. The ot…
  • Sounds awesome - I'll check it out as soon as WP tells my there is a new update
  • None of these album works unfortunatelly, however for me most important was thing about softening pictures, as like I have said it dependant on avaliable image library on the server. My apologies. I did so much that I felt like cleaning up. I hav…
  • It was the margin in Theme Post List not having any number. The errors are gone, after I set it to 0. Thanks!
  • Hi Air, The theme I'm currently using is very old and when I first got it, I didn't pay much attention to how it worked on smartphones. In fact, I mostly ignored/rarely checked on smartphones, for 2-3, maybe even 4 years I updated the galley the…
  • Oh, I didn't notice it was for a different theme. Quality/compression setting is already at 100. Not because that's what I want to stay with all the time, but only for while testing/checking quality. I actually like this feature and had it set to s…
  • Thanks. I hope you'll add it as an option.
  • Hi Air, Thanks for your quick replies. Sadly, I didn't pay attention to how my site was on smartphones for a very long time. I prioritized desktop and learned very late, how important smartphones are. That's when I started noticing some serious i…

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