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  • I am so not a fan of Safari and I am a MAC girl! All of your suggestions make sense. I will work on things and see what I can come up. Will keep you posted.
  • Sorry .. last one. I thought you might like a screen shot of what I see coming up as errors when I try to load in safari (on desktop).
  • Note: Both websites look and work great in Firefox and Chrome on desktop and also on my iphones in safari. I design websites for a living and this is an issue I just have not run across before.
  • Safari Ipad
  • Safari Ipad
  • Safari Desktop --- The other site looks fine on desktop in all browsers.
  • Actually ... decided to add them here as well --- just in case. In my email I mentioned that I will be needing to purchase 1 more license for this theme -- if we can figure this issue out. So that would be 3 licenses of the theme! So hopefully we ca…
  • I replied via email with my screenshots attached yesterday. Please let me know if you did not receive them.
  • Sorry for the slow reply. I finished designing the site with my client. But I am still having viewing issues in safari on desktop and also safari on ipads. Phones work great and so does desktop in both chrome and firefox. Funny thing is ... I hav…

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