Thirteen is a beautiful and minimalistic AJAX Wordpress Theme for photographers, designers and for all the creative people who love clean design. Create stunning galleries and sliders with just a few clicks using our predefined settings and effects. Users of Beach Please theme should find this theme interesting.
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Thirteen | Photography & Creative Wordpress Theme
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Before you ask please READ THIS

Before you ask READ THIS :-)

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  1. Introduction

  2. About support

    1. Theme support includes

    2. Theme support does not include

    3. Information regarding support response times

  3. Before you start new topic

    1. Check online documentation

    2. Check if there is an update

    3. Change logs

    4. Debug issue

  4. Start new topic

    1. General info about creating topic

    2. Asking for small modification

    3. Reporting issue

  5. Additional info

    1. Staff members

    2. Sending sensitive data


Hello there!
We are glad that you bought our theme and that you read this topic. By this you make our work a lot easier and we can help you more accurate and faster.

About support

Theme support includes:

  • Responding to questions and problems regarding your purchased item and its features

  • Fixing bugs and reported issues by releasing updates regularly

  • Assistance with integration questions and incompatibility issues

  • Small theme modifications(support team will decide does your modification qualify)

Theme support does not include:

  • Customizations beyond the capabilities of the theme or fixing issues caused by your customizations

  • Responsibility for fixing issues caused by faulty 3rd party components

  • Non-theme-specific questions

We understand that most of our customers are not programmers, that is why we will also help you with issues caused by other components (plugins for example) and we will provide you instructions to help fixing your problems, even if it is not directly related to our Items. Although, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix every issue caused by faulty 3rd party components.

Information regarding support response times:

  • We live in UTC+01:00 (Central European Time) time-zone. Please keep in mind that we may have different daytime in our region compared to yours.

  • Usually, we will respond you in 24 hours. In some cases it might take a few days, but we are trying to be as fast as we can.

  • We are not working on weekends, but we will try to respond you when we can.

Before you start new topic

Check online documentation(order by Release date)

Beach Please:

Check if there is an update of theme available (order by Release date)

Beach Please:
Skyfashion, Airlock or Airborn: If you need install files ask Daniel in private message as these themes are no longer available.

Change logs

Beach Please:

How to debug issue

  1. Search in topics here on forum, best using this Google link.

  2. Check your Wordpress version and if theme supports this version.

  3. Check if there are displayed any notices in WP admin.

  4. Disable all Plugins, and test if issue still occurs*.

  5. If there is no issue without plugins, then activate one plugin after another until you will see issue again.

*visual composer plugin is forced to be active in some our themes, so you might not be able to deactivate it

Start new topic

General info about creating topic

What information to give when starting new topic:

  1. Give proper title of your topic that would describe it best

  2. Describe ONE CASE PER TOPIC. It makes easier for other users to find such useful topics/questions/answers.

  3. Link to your live project(BEST: link to exact place where issue occurs). It helps a lot!

  4. If you want to show us something on our demo then please close ThemeForest frame before coping URL!

  5. All information that might help.

Asking for small modification

When you are asking for small modification then if you can, add also screen shots(visualization) of what you wish to achieve. A picture is worth a thousand words :-)

Reporting issue

When you are reporting something buggy then please add also:

  1. List of ACTIVE plugins.

  2. Wordpress version.

  3. Theme version you are using.

  4. Have you made any code modifications(CSS, JS, PHP)? If yes write what you changed.

  5. Any additional information that might help.

Additional info

Staff members

People that are part of team Apollo13 and can be trusted:

Sending sensitive data

There may be times were you will be asked to send us some sensitive data like Access to your WordPress or FTP.

We are always asking for temporary access, which means you should create account specialy for this occasion, and delete it after we inform you that we are done with it.
You can also send us your regular access data, but on your own responsibility only.

If we ask you about link to your site, and you don't want to do it in public topic, then this is also the good way to do it.

To send private message:
-click on user nick, that you want to PM,
-on next page, in top-right corner you will find option "Message"
-In message please attach LINK to topic it applies to

To create temporary access to WordPress:
-create new ADMIN account with fake e-mail(like
-set some password to this account after it is created
-In private message send us login, password and link to site where we should use it
-Before sending us data, make sure that your WordPress and plugins are up to date.

Thanks for cooperation!
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