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Blog page displays posts in random order not date order

edited April 2013 in Hypershot Posts: 6
This page http://fcdevsql.dreamhosters.com/lms/blog/ is set to display blog posts in date order descending (i.e. most recent post first. But for some reason everyone that visits this page sees the posts in a random order. I can't work out why this is.


  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,276
    I have refreshed your page 3 times and it was always in same order, date order. Maybe you mean the bricks effect that put posts in such way in layout so it fits like puzzles? It this case order is like: "first top left place will fit next item". Please try resizing your browser window and you will understand what I mean.

    With regards.
  • My layout issue is being affected by the floating social plugin on the right of the page. On my laptop screen it creates a gap in the top left of the page which suggests the blogs are not in date order. Close this discussion, I will report this to the plugin developers.
  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,276
    Hmm It doesn't seem to affect layout in my case. Could you post screen shot how exactly does it look in your case?

    With regards.
  • Not any more. I fixed it.
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