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Information that Facebook shows

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I'm a bit confused. When I want to share a link of a post directly on my Facebook wall, the text that appears is the one from "show info" contact form. It happens the same using the Addthis plugin. However, the image that shows it´s ok. And if I turn off the module "info above header" then it works fine.

I´ve been trying in other webpages that use the hypershot theme and some of them do the same and others don´t. So I don't know where to start to fix it. First I thought it was from the explorer i was using but it doesn´t matter.

In my case (http://www.lofotensecret.com/en) I have the static pages as follow http://apollo13.eu/docs/hypershot/#main_settings_menu_what_to_show_on_front_page

The plugins I'm using are: Addthis, Captha, WPretina, Ajax thumbnail rebuild, multisite language swithcer and Tablepress.
And the latest update of hypershot and wordpress.

Any idea if it´s a commom issue or if it has an easy fixing.

Thank you again,

Best regards and happy week-end.

P.S: If other users have the "show info" activated, could you please check if it also happens to you.


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    Hello there, and thanks weekend was excellent!

    Have you tried what is happening with Info above header switched off?

    I know that this text appears as first in source of document and this is why it is good to place some text for SEO, but it can also affect such things unfortunately.

    Please test it without it and tell me what is the result.

    With regards.
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    Hello Air,

    Answering your question, when i switch it off it doesn’t appear. I ´ve been testing different pages/blogs and also different browsers, and finally I got something.

    I was writing the text in html code using <p> </p>. I´ve took them out (keeping
    for the breaks) and now it Works. ☺.

    When I was checking other websites some of them were working fine, others had also the same problema (maybe same reason, maybe not) and others didn´t show anything of Facebook. So maybe, It would be nice if in hte future you add it in the manual

    I´ve still didn´t install any SEO plugin, i have to work more in the contents and they are ready maybe i will use of them.

    Anyway, thank you for your support.
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  • AirAir
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    Thank you for this info, it will definitely be helpful!

    With regards.
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