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Social icons on photo view

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1. how can i get social icons for sharing on viewing my photos as in screenshot.

is there some plugin for it?

2. i would like to move left and right arrow for selecting previous and next photo closer to the photo itself. on my 27inch screen those arrows are completely right to the end of the screen. i believe it would be easier if i can move them closer.


Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 8.28.26 PM.jpg
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    If you have more then one case to talk about then please add every case in separate topic, cause if this topic will have more then 3 answers, it will make chaos by answering to different points of first question. I believe you can imagine this :-)

    1. Not easily possible, and it is rather big modification.
    2. It was this way in previous versions of theme, but for most users it was not functional, as arrows moved to other place whenever next image had different width then previous one. As not all users have big monitors we have to think about them not ourself :-)

    With regards.
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