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My drop down menus disappeared and too many album titles showing on header.

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I had someone set up my basic menu and gallery pages but I wasn't getting any offers or ideas to really customize my site from this person, so I decided I would learn myself. I got some online wp tutorials on how to change colours and fonts, upload images etc. Everything seems to be going ok until out of nowhere and for no reason, that I could fathom, my drop down menus no longer were there. In an attempt to figure it out, I went into 'menu's on my dashboard, selected pages and albums and whatever else and selected 'add to menu' thinking, for sure this would solve my problem, right?! But still no drop downs - only now EVERY album title is showing in my header!!! Yeh! Clever me!
So I leave it overnight thinking it will be fixed by a wp fairy by morning, who knows that I am a fake wp expert, after one day. No such luck. The WEIRD thing is, that the drop downs do appear on my galaxy phone and my i-pad but not on my laptop. But the extended menu list appears on all three devices. So what can I do to remedy this- anyone know?!
Thanks Annie.


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    i am no expert but the same thing happened to me. so i changed the status of the albums i do not "use". i installed the demo and in my albums i had many albums that i didn't create. so i either deleted them or made the inactive by changing their status to "draft.
    then again i had the problem when i switched to childs theme. so i realized that i had to assign "main menu" again, because there was a blank space in "Appearance - Menus" list.
    now everything is fine. but that was just in my case. maybe yours is different.
    good luck
  • Thanks Nikica, I watched some you tube videos and figured out the menu stuff - just had to remove them from the list! So easy! But my whole site still does not come up on my laptop with my new color changes or the drop downs, but it does on my phone and IPAD. So I still need to figure that out. Can I see your site? Thanks Annie
  • AirAir
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    Hello there

    1.Have you have any cache plugins installed?

    2.Please show live link to your site.

    3. In one sentence - what is the problem now.

    With regards.
  • Thank you for replying, I am not sure about the cache plugin as someone set me up initially. Here is my dashboard if that will help.
    My menu dropdowns don't work when I open my site on my laptop and the font color and hover color of the menu pages, that I customized, reverted to the red/black of Hypershot template (see the link below). Strange thing is on my galaxy phone and ipad dropdowns do work and also they show the color changes I made.
    Thanks Annie.
  • Sorry but second link I just sent is of my homepage image. Use the wp-admin link.
  • AirAir
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    Do you think I have access yo your admin just by link?:-) It would be highly dangerous if it would be possible.

    If you want me to check it for you please send me temporary access to your WP so I could check there what is going on? Send it here on forum via private message(click on my nick and there you will find option to send message) . In message please attach link to topic it applies to.

    With regards.
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