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Airborn Portfolio problem

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Hello, I just bought airborne theme.
and I am very pleased with my purchase.

I have a big problem with my portfolio that I can not fix.
see the picture.
I want the image to the right as in airborne template.
How do I do it?
what code do I use?
The picture is always on the left, I want it that in the demo.
I have tested with short codes as columns 33% 66 'etc.
I am very grateful for the response.
I must apologize for my bad English,

/ Fredrik
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  • I found out how to do it.
    So my question now is how to make it two pictures there? here are in airborne template.
    I can just select one picture "main image for item"
    Thanks for the support.
    / Fredrik
  • AirAir
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    Hi guranzzon

    Airborn wasn't best designed in usability as you can notice, but I'm here to help you :-)
    This should help!/portfolio_add_new_portfolio_item

    You just have to use portfolio shortocode to achieve thing you wish. If it is still unclear come back to us :-)

    With regards.
  • Thank you, the problem is fixed.
    Love this theme, great job.
    / Fredrik
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