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i have one query and i needed you support over here:

is it possible to have archive page and category archive page appears in the same style as blog page .. i mean blog page shows picture with the post .. but archive page only shows heading and text and no picture ..

I wanted the picture to be appear the category archives page like blog , please guide, your help will be highly appreciated

one quick more:

Also , is it possible to remove " Latest From Blog" word which appears on the homepage


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    any help please
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    About ''Latest from Blog' go to front-page.php file and delete line ~31

    echo '<h4 class="title grey nopadding">' . __( 'Latest from Blog', TPL_SLUG ) . '</h4>';

    About your main case go to loop.php line ~41 and delete

    <?php if( is_home() ): ?>

    and its coresponding endif (whole line 52)

    <?php endif; ?>

    It should help.

    With regards.

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    Thanks a lot ...
    This is very very helpful ..

    But one quick query related to the same topic .. sorry for the confusion ..
    I need archive and category archive page post in the same style as Homepage Post .. not like blog post.. sorry... please see the screenshot

    I'll be very thankful to your team


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    Sorry, it would require too much to mod. Try digging yourself in differences in code editing files I mentioned before and front-page.php.

    With regards.
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