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Social Lockers for Albums

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I wanted to know if there is a possibility to use a social locker for my albums in the hypershot theme?
I found several ones like this here:

But it seems that they only work with posts or pages. Instead I want to have this option for single albums/galleries. So if someone klicks on a album from the menu they only will see the images when they like or share my site.

Another option would be a locker (maybe timed) that pops up when someone launches my site. I once used a free plugin (can't remember the name) that did exactly this. But It didn't save the information if you liked it already. So even if you are a fan of my site on facebook it kept asking you to like. And if someone isn't on facebook (yep there are still people out there lol) they couldn't enter my site at all.

So my question is if you have any experiences with locked content (like to unlock, not password protected!) and if there is a plugin you could recommend? The goal is to get more people to connect with my facebook fan page.

thanks so far!

with regards


  • AirAir
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    I have no idea and no experience with such plugins. Also I highly not recommend using such action as they are not user friendly but even opposite.

    If you run such plugin you will have to work it yourself, but I think there is huge chance that it will work with theme out of the box:-)
    krebbin said: (yep there are still people out there lol)
    Yes, I don't have one:-)

    With regards.
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  • Thank you Air!

    I know that it could be something people don't like. But I thought about a download section so there's a benifit if people like my site you know. Else you are totally right I think. I don't know if I will test it. But if so I'll share my experience with the Hypershot theme.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    with regards
  • AirAir
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    Thanks :-) Hope someone will benefit from it:-)

    Good luck!

    With regards.
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