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Make thumbnail bar push the image away?

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Hey there! I was just wondering if there's a way to make the thumbnail bar at the bottom of the album push the image in full-image mode away to the top? As it is coded now, it blocks the bottom part of an image when open.

I'm struggling with how to give viewers of my portfolio the ability to see an overview with small images and a big picture at the same time, and the thumbnail bar would be nice for that, but it's kind of annoying when it blocks the bottom of the image. The image should always be completely visible when I set the album view to "fully visible".

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  • P.S: Maybe settings like those you can do for the slider album (set the margins from header/footer, border etc.) for the full-image album mode would be great to adjust to these overlays. But I don't know anything about coding - you're the experts so you know best what is feasible and what isn't :)
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    7188photo said: The image should always be completely visible when I set the album view to "fully visible"
    Who said that?:-)


    In short: it is BIG customization to do that so this is "impossible". Also everything is fine on big screen with big window, but when somebody will shrink window, then thumbnails will be grater part of screen, and photo will shrink even further what would look bad.

    I have no solution for you, but if someone is interested in photo, he can always hide thumbnails with one click, and he will see next photo thumb by pointing on "next arrow".

    With regards.
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