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Disable "featured image" in portfolio

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I've been modifying the theme, but can't quite figure this part out.
For the portfolio single pages, I'd like to stop the automatic insertion of the "featured image" and instead have the images created by the [portimg] shortcodes only. The reason for this is that I want to open a video in fancybox when each portfolio image is clicked, but I can only do this with the [portimg] images - the featured image will always just open a copy of itself in fancybox. At the moment you are also limited to a just one [portimg] after the featured image - no matter how many more times I insert the shortcode you are limited to a total of two images on each portfolio single page.
You can see what I mean here:
The lower image does what I want (opens a video) but the top one just opens an image and I cant change that.
So if I remove the php code that inserts the "featured image" it also breaks so that no other images are inserted.
I'd like some help understanding where the [portimg] tags are parsed and inserted into the post.
Thanks in advance
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