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Classic Menu Ipad

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I decided to use the classic menu for Ipad. When the Ipad is in landscape orientation the menu is fine but when I change to portrait orientation the menu gets weird. You can check with the pictures I attached. When the Ipad is in vertical position the menu forms 2 lines and the bottom one is over the picture that I have in the homepage. I imagine the problem is because I have several items in the menu. Is it possible to have the classic menu when the Ipad is in landscape mode and when I turn to portrait orientation the menu changes to the menu for small screen devices?
I noticed that my browser in the computer does automatically if I make the page narrower.
Thank you.
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  • AirAir
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    Yes menu is designed to be one level and this is why it looks weird on narrow screens.

    If you have many positions in menu I can only advise to switch off classic menu for big touch devices.

    Hypershot was designed this way and there is no much that can be done now about it.

    With regards.
  • Could you tell me where in the code I have to change to try that?
  • I will try to be more specific on what I'm trying to change.
    In my computer when I make the firefox page narrower (rectangular proportion like an Ipad in a portrait orientation) the classic menu changes automatically to the menu for devices with small screen. But it only changes when it is really narrow. I wanted that to change when the navigator is less narrow. Do you know what I mean? It is something that hypershot already does automatically what I want is change something in the code that makes that when the navigator is a little less narrow. Trying to emulate the proportion of an ipad in a portrait orientation.
    Thank you
  • AirAir
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    I know what you mean from the start. It is just not so easy, cause we designed to act different for touch devices so you might end up with strange results:-) .

    Anyway, in js/script.js line ~444 you have
    //if wide screen and not touch Screen, or forced to use normal menu
    if(size > 650  && (!isTouch || useNormalMenu)){
    Play with 650. However you might have no results at all cause of way how this number is read. But try it:-)

    With regards.
  • Thank you, I will try!
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