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Header Bumbs even with fixed header.

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a really fascinating theme! Thanks for providing it to us.
I am still struggeling with the fixed header. I've seen other pages with the theme and there isn't this problem. is my homepage .. and scrolling down with also move the header.

I alread read the post from last year mentioning that the first 100 and something pixel the header will move because of a particular reason. But afaik this should have been solved by the fixed header radio button, correct?

Maybe you have a hint, or an idea what the reason might be.

Just for your background information:
I am using the following custom css entries in the PC CSS Plugin 1.3

.add-ons, .add-ons a, #head-widgets .handle {
color: #fff3da;
.add-ons a:hover, #head-widgets .handle:hover {
color: #fdc63f;
#footer a:hover, #footer span.action:hover, .glass-switch:hover {
color: #fdc63f;
#footer {
color: #fff3da;

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    Maybe you are misunderstanding what is fixed header? It is fixing, after scrolling some px, but it is fixing to browser window not content. Try other option of header if you want it to stay always in same place with respect to content.

    Or maybe I am misunderstanding what you want:-) Cause as I saw your page it works fine.

    With regards.
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    What I want to achive is that the header remains always fixed at the top.
    Currently it moves... but it moves also just the first few pixel.

    Please have a look at those screenshots I've made.
    That happens when moving the scroll-bar or the mouse-scroll wheel.

    Pic1 ist the default ... Pic 4 is like Pic1 but after overriding the scroll amount of aprox. 100 pix.
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  • AirAir
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    Yes, this is how it was designed. You can try this solution

    #header-container {
    position: fixed !important;
    width: 100%;
    With regards.
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