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Portfolio Page Footer Layout Problem

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Hi there,

First of all I just wanted to say I love your themes and your forum has been a massive help with problems I have run into and haven't needed to sign up until now.

I have a layout issue with the footer on my Portfolio Page, its not banding across. Its not appearing to happen on another page I have added, or the home page. I have attached some screen shots so you can see whats going on.

It gets worse when you press the Buttons for the tagged work. Please see second screen shot.

I am running version 3.3.1 of WP

Airborn version 1.2.6

One installed plugin Running Comming Soon Pages Version 2.1.02 | By NetChillies (I have tryed removing this and it didn't fix the problem with the layout)

I am really not sure how to fix this problem. Any help would be amazing.

Many Thanks
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